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Illuminate isn’t just known for our home inspection services–we also perform mold testing in the Berrien County area as well. That makes us your one stop shop for all of your home inspection needs. With just one phone call, you can streamline your Berrien County home inspection and Berrien County mold test with Illuminate Home Inspections!

We are a leading provider of home mold testing services in southwest Michigan.  Illuminate has completed hundreds of mold inspections for local homes and businesses. Our inspectors are certified and trained to accurately identify mold in any part of your home. You can feel confident that if mold is growing in your home, we will find it!

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Illuminate Inspectors go above licensing requirements and receive additional training.

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Our mold inspection samples are overnighted to the laboratory. Reports and lab diagnosis are electronically delivered to you within 72 business hours.

Expert Mold Testing For Your Berrien County Home or Business

“Mold” is a term that homeowners dread. It refers to a type of fungus that often grows in homes that have experienced water damage. Not only does mold look unsightly, but it may also pose health concerns to you and your family. Respiratory problems, headaches, and fatigue are just a few of the many symptoms of mold exposure. That’s why it’s important to schedule professional mold testing in Berrien County at the first sign of mold.

IHI is your trusted partner for mold testing in Berrien County and surrounding areas. Once we hear from you, we’ll respond promptly with an appointment to test your home for mold. One of our Berrien County mold inspectors will arrive at your home and conduct a thorough evaluation of the property. They will search for visual signs of mold and use air sampling tests to determine whether or not mold is present on your property. They will also use infrared gun  and a moisture meter to look for signs of moisture intrusion. Once the tests are completed, the samples are sent to the lab for processing and your mold inspector with compile an easy to read mold inspection report.

Questions about mold testing services in Michigan? Call us at (269) 487-7656 to speak with one of our expert mold inspectors!

What Is a Pre-Purchase Mold Inspection?

A pre-purchase mold inspection is when a professional who is trained to look for mold — it may be a home inspector, contractor, or technician — performs such an inspection prior to a home purchase. The mold inspection may be purely a visual inspection of the property for mold, or it may include swabs and air tests that is sent to a laboratory.

The laboratory test results usually includes the estimated spore count per cubic meter of air, as well as the species of mold. As home inspectors, we are not allowed to claim in an inspection report that we discovered mold without sending it to a laboratory for mold detection.

Why is Mold Inspection Important?

Mold inspections are important because certain types of mold can affect the health of you and your family. While there are at-home mold kits you can purchase and learn how to use yourself, it is highly recommended to utilize the services of a professional inspector.

Air testing is performed to determine whether there is hidden mold in the house. Mold spores float around in the air until they find an area conductive to growth. If the surface is moist, mold spores can take hold and grow. The mold typically develops in dark, moist places, slowly spreading over time. It can be some time before you notice the presence of mold, especially if it is forming in areas such as the attic, basement, or within the walls.

As the mold spreads, it can cause damage to whatever surface it is growing on. If the mold has been in the home undetected or untreated for some time, it can cause larger issues.

Many types of mold that form in the home cause health problems in humans and animals. Those who already have asthma, allergies, or weakened immune systems are at increased risk of these issues. Initial health issues due to the presence of mold can be eye irritation, fatigue, and respiratory problems. Mold is also especially harmful to children. Just a few days of exposure to mold can cause health problems, so finding and removing mold via a mold remediation specialist is a top priority.

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Mold thrives in damp environments; that means any issues your home experiences with leaking water or excessive humidity will eventually lead to mold growth. Once mold begins to thrive, it can be difficult to get rid of. If your home recently flooded or experienced water damage, you can rely on us to perform a thorough mold inspection and test.

When the time comes to schedule mold testing in Michigan, simply give us a call at (269) 487-7656.

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